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JDK Audio's R22 Compressor

API's JDK Audio Introduces R22 Compressor

JDK Audio, the new brand developed and engineered by legendary analog innovator API, announces the fourth product in its line of robust signal processing equipment. The R22 is a two-channel, rack-mount compressor with linkable stereo operation that uses true RMS power summing, a patented Thrust circuit for chest-hitting low-end, and easy to use, refreshingly musical control of all parameters.

The R22 interconnects with both balanced XLR and quarter-inch inputs and outputs. Because the R22 has LED indicators and switchable analog metering of the output level and gain reduction, it's easy to optimize gain structure. Switchable hard- or soft-knee compression, combined with variable threshold, ratio, and make-up gain controls deliver a wide range of compression textures for an equally wide range of source material. Equally at home in a project studio or commercial recording facility, the R22 shines with a ruler-flat frequency response out to 50 kHz.

"We're excited that JDK Audio's R22 offers the same inline compressor formerly found only in Paragon consoles," said Larry Droppa, president of API. "Everyone who has ever used that compressor has fallen in love with it, and we predict the same will be true of the R22. The Thrust circuit is a unique addition to an already great piece of gear."

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