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Terry Lagarde

Who: Terry Lagarde
What: Guitar player for the Latvian based band Louie Fontaine and the Starlight Searchers, full time guitar instructor, Leader and singer/ guitar player/ producer and engineer for National Lagarde
Where: Latvia and New Orleans, Louisiana
Gear: API 3124+ and 8MX2

From the Front:

"My JDK 8MX2 is a great unit and is probably one of the more versatile units out there with eight mic preamps and limiting built in to each channel as well as the ability to sub mix down to two channels for two track recording if needed. I would also say that the 8MX2 is a great unit for people just getting into a more professional recording setup as the eight mic pres sound great and can be direct linked to any professional interface."

The number one thing Terry says he can do since adding the 8MX2 to his setup? "That's easy. Get better sounding tracks!"

About Terry Lagarde:

Terrry Lagarde has been playing guitar for Louie Fontaine and the Starlight Searchers since 2000. He has been a guitar instructor in the southern Louisiana area since the early '90s. More recently he started his own band, "National Lagarde" (2012). Lagarde started the band in a time when he wasn't touring as much with Louie Fontaine, "I decided to use the time to my advantage, getting my own project going. We are just finishing up the first full-length recording, and are starting to do select shows around the New Orleans area."

Lagarde calls his music "eccentric rock" which he defines as "a rock band, but it has elements of jazz, blues, flamenco/ classical, they all slam together in a rock format and combine with what some people call story-telling vocals."

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